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In this teaching I aim to equip you with some insight on Joshua chapters 3 and 4, specifically, regarding the twelve stones Joshua erected after God intervened to help Israel cross the Jordan River. My intention is to give you some ideas that will help you craft an incredible sermon or teaching that will impact those whom God has placed under your care.

When was the last time you ate food sacrificed to idols? Probably never, right? So then what in the world does food sacrificed to idols have to do with Christians today?

In this video I aim to equip you with an understanding of 1 Corinthians 8 and what Paul means when he talks about food sacrificed to idols. I also suggest some principles for interpreting and applying any passage in the Bible that seems irrelevant for today.

Hallelujah is a word we use in every one of our Christian gatherings. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, "What Does the Word Hallelujah Mean in the Bible?" Moreover, what is the meaning of Hallelujah in Hebrew?

In this video I aim to equip you with a correct understanding of the word Hallelujah. I'm explain the meaning of the word Hallelujah in Hebrew by breaking down the three Hebrew grammatical components that make up the word Hallelujah.

In John 20:19-23 Jesus said to the disciples, "Peace be with you." Curiously, he said it to them twice. Why twice? You would think that one time would have been enough, no? What happened? Did they not hear Jesus the first time?

In this teaching over John 20:-19-23 I share a sermon idea with you based on this passage. Did I mention he said "Peace be with you" twice? I mention it again because there's actually a pretty important reason that Jesus said "Peace be with you" twice.